An Historic First !

Greetings to all in the stickmaking world . On Sunday last the 7th of March , our friends in the Northern Ireland Stickmakers Club joined us in Dublin for what turned out to be a most enjoyable get together , and believe me , was an eyeopener for us all ! In the words of our Chairman Tom Kavanagh , this was a meeting of minds that we had strived for since the founding of our Club , and proved informative and enjoyable to everyone who attended . There was a sharing of ideas and of the trials and errors that help us all to try to get to where we want to be in stickmaking . We were treated to some works of art in the form of “fancy sticks ” which were inspiring to say the least , and I believe we gave them some ideas to take home with them ! A big thanks to Jim Matthews who helped set this up and to Barry , and Roger , and all the members of the Northern Ireland Stickmakers who graced us with the pleasure of their company . Also a big thank you to Stephen and Mary Coffey and all the Scouting people who provided thousands of gallons of tea and tons of sandwiches for us ! As you know stickmaking is a hungry business !! Looking forward to seeing you all at our workshop at Paddy Rahillys’ residence on Saturday next the 13th of March