Happy new year !

On behalf of the Committee and members of the Celtic Stickmakers Club I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year . I hope you are all harvesting straight , perfect , unblemished sticks , and if you are , please tell me where they are ! Our Club is getting the new year off to a busy start with a workshop at our Chairmans’ residence at Rathangan in Kildare on Saturday next the 21st of January commencing at 11:00am . Then on Saturday the 11th of February we head South again to the Scout Hall in Togher where we will be holding a workshop for our friends in the real capital of Ireland !!(at least that’s what they say ! ) This will also commence at 11:00am . Again , all are welcome to these workshops whether you are a member or not to see and hear people who take pleasure in demonstrating the craft of stickmaking . Bring a friend and a stick or two and everyone might learn a thing or two . Our colleague John O’ Gorman of Southern Stickmaking supplies will be in attendance at both venues with a comprhensive range of stickmaking materials for sale . So if you want to try something different come along to either venue for an informative and fun day out .Any of the Committe can be contacted for further information or directions . Enjoy ! Robin O’ Reilly Hon’ Sec’ Celtic Stickmakers Club .