Birr 2012

Greetings to all our fellow Stickmakers where ever you are ! We are coming to the highlight of the stickmaking year once again , and what a year we have had , with workshops , shows , and demonstrations highlighting the craft of stickmaking all over the country . Stickmaking appears to appeal to people both young and old ,and without the need for sophisticated tools and equipment can be enjoyed by everyone with a love for crafts . We have held two competitions so far this year , one in Cork and one in Carlow and we will be holding the All Ireland Championship Competition in Birr on Sunday next the 26th of August which will once again be an open competition . We look forward to meeting all our friends from North , South , East , West and maybe further afield on the day !We will also be in atendance on Saturday the 25th of August 2012 when members will be giving stickmaking demonstrations. So come along and enjoy the event ! Our colleague Mr John O’ Gorman of Southern Stickmaking supplies will be attendance over the weekend with a comprenhsive range of stickmaking materials and tools to help get you started . From our experience so far this year the interest in stickmaking continues to grow and requests to attend shows and fairs nationwide are exceeding our ability to fulfill them and I would hope that next year we will be in a better position to satisfy these requests from organisers . I suppose it’s a good complaint in these times ! Work shops nationwide are continuing to be a big hit with people with good attendances particularly in the South of the country (this could be down to the quality / quantity of tea drunk at these workshops ! )and long may it continue . So , here’s to Birr and to all the events and to the people who make it happen and so worthwhile ! Enjoy it all and we look forward to seeing ye all at Birr . Robin O’ Reilly , Hon’ Sec’ Celtic Stickmakers Club .