The Celtic Stickmakers Club will be holding two open stick making competitions this summer, in conjunction with these shows we will be demonstrating the craft on stick making on the two  days previous to the competiton.  This is a great opportunity to see how our sticks are made and to view the results of our work at the shows.  Our members will be delighted to answer any questions you might have, so please drop by and say hello.


Our first show and demonstration is at the National Country Fair on the 3rd and 4th of August 2013, in Borris, Co. Carlow.  We will be demonstrating on Saturday 3rd of August and an open show will take place on Sunday 4th of August.  Both stick making competition are open to all, and we have classes for novices, so you are welcome to enter a stick.


The Irish Stick Making Championship is taking place on Sunday 1st of September at the Irish Game and Country Fair in Birr, Co. Offaly. We will be demonstrating stick making again on Saturday the 31st August. We are more than happy to share our craft and we are thankful to the organisers of both shows for the opportunity to show casing our craft.







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