Stick Making Competition Birr

The Celtic Stickmakers Club will hold the All Ireland stick making championship on Sunday 30th August 2015 in Birr, Co. Offaly in conjunction with Great Game Fairs of Ireland. This competition is open to all, both members and non members. New comers may enter into our two novice classes, everyone is more than welcome to enter. Entries will be accepted between 10a.m and 12p.m.
Stick Classes

1 Mountain staff of Hill walker, wood, all horn, including ram, buffalo, cow , including antler
2 Horn thumbstick, plain.
3 Wood thumbstick, plain
4 Leg cleek, horn, wood, one or two piece
5 Horn market stick, ram, cow or goat, nose out
6 Wood market stick, one or two piece, nose out
7 Blackthorn walker, horn, or wood, plain
8 Wood walker, one or two piece
9 Fancy stick, any carved head, wood, horn or antler
10 Crook, any horn, including ram, cow, goat, or buffalo
11 Crook, wood, one or two piece
12 Walker, any horn or antler head
13 Horn market stick, buffalo nose out
14 Market stick, nose in, any horn including, ram, cow, goat, and buffalo
15 Wood Market stick, nose in, one or two piece
16 Ornamental stick. Any carved stick, not necessary practical
17 Novice horn head, plain or fancy
18 Novice wood, any wood head, plain or fancy

The Celtic Stickmakers Club will also be demonstrating at the fair on Saturday 29th August. Our stand will be manned by members, who will be demonstrating all aspects of stick making. Please drop by and ask any questions you might have. We are located beside the large telescope.

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